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Ampersand is a hypothetical design conference for multidisciplinary creatives. The overall branding exemplifies an adhesive, tactile, and electric style. The website includes: an About page discussing the history and goals of the conference; a Program section including scheduling and workshops; Circle Talks® where individuals host seminars of integrating different subjects into design; a Register page; and a Contact page.

This project is my first jump into UX/UI. The objective is to plan, design, and prototype a website that promotes and provides information for an upcoming event.

Ampersand integrates different subjects into design and offers a variety of online talks from global professionals of many disciplines. Ampersand proves that unexpected discoveries happen when diverse topics and people come together.

The very first ampersand was a ligature—a character consisting of two or more letters joined together. Its creator was joining the letters e and t, of the Latin word et, meaning “and.”
As the only letter in the English alphabet that did not represent a speech sound, the 27th quasi-letter & was referred to as “and per se and”, which eventually evolved into ampersand, the word we know and love today.
Extended letterforms made out of duct tape. The choice of material and assemblage represents adhesiveness as Ampersand integrates different subjects into the design field. The choice of name represents the conjunction “and”, bringing the concept of amalgamation full circle.