This performance piece is titled Bliss because of the gaze-like and trance-like state you reach when staring at someone.

At first, it can be difficult, maybe even awkward, to observe someone you know or don't know. As time passes on, however, you begin to grow a deep and silent connection with the other person as you begin to notice things and appreciate what is in front of you.
The exercise was tough for me especially because I'm generally an awkward person to interact with. I don't normally look at people when speaking and I don't enjoy when other people look at me while speaking. Even on a normal basis when I receive calls from loved ones, it's usually not FaceTime calls. Most of the time, my mom will text me to update her on my life, or if she does call me, its for not even 5 minutes.
Everyday, I'm always doing something or I'm always needing to be somewhere. To sit down in a calm, relaxed area and perform the diligent task of sitting and staring was difficult and strenuous on my body. In the end though I ended up reaching this state of trance and was not able to crack so easily, unlike my partner. At first, we laughed a lot and it got very uncomfortable at some point, but ultimately we were able to stare at each other. The partner I chose was my significant other, someone who I dearly adore and have great respect for. There is a lot of genuine feeling in this piece shown in the small smiles and loving eyes.
I was inspired by Marina Abramovic's The Artist is Present performance piece and her focus on body functions and reaching a meditative state of the brain and body. I wanted to further this concept of connection between two humans by using FaceTime instead of in real life. FaceTime is this virtual portal that simulates real life interaction.