Contemporary Women in Design

Layout, Print, Research, Typography, Visual Identity
Year Created: 2021
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Contemporary Women in Design enhances learning experience by intersecting feminist ideology with the ever-evolving histories of design. Consisting of five crossword puzzles, this book is intended to teach students, practitioners, and women's history enthusiasts about the diverse and multidisciplinary women whose work has shaped, shifted, and formed design as we know it today.


Use the iterative design process to develop and design a game, analog or digital, influenced or about design history; Understand how research is the basis for concept development and how design history is relevant when making design decisions.

Whether in a professional environment or an educational classroom, gender inequities in design have been historically present and consistently reinforced. Contemporary Women in Design re-examines and disputes the male-dominated and Eurocentric/Americanized narrative that has established the canon of “good design”. Containing 60 contemporary women and women of color designers, this book uplifts their substantial accomplishments and contributions by focusing on their merits. In doing so, this book calls attention and aims to dismantle the patriarchal structures have hindered women from receiving the recognition they rightfully deserve.


As a nuanced challenging vocabulary practice tool, crossword puzzles have been proven to motivate learning, stimulate motivation and autonomy, and assist with better vocabulary awareness and retention. Similar to playing games, crossword puzzles can be very entertaining and thus can enhance engagement.

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