Marissa Balbuena
is an Asian-Latina who utilizes her multidisciplinary, participatory, and socially-conscious approach to research and design to advocate for an intersectional future, ensure barrier-free access to learning, and promote awareness of human realities. Her research aims to amplify unheard voices of marginalized communities by actively collaborating with them in order to reimagine existing spaces and create sustainable futures. On account of her family’s guidance, Marissa believes high-quality and decentralized education is vital to foster dynamic and transformative societies. Marissa is finishing up a BFA in Graphic Design and an MS in Management at 
University of Florida
. Recently, she studied Principles of Display Typeface Design at 
. Marissa is employed as Lead Designer for Branding and Accessibility at 
UF Lastinger Center for Learning
. Previously, she worked at 
UF Mint Design Studio
III Points Music Festival
, and
Miami-Dade County
. Marissa formerly volunteered as Student Liaison for
AIGA Gainesville
and Social Media Designer for
AIGA Unidos
. She is a recipient of many awards, the most recent being the UF School of Art + Art History Outstanding Undergraduate and James J. Rizzi Scholarship for artistic and academic merit. Marissa grows enthusiastic about working collaboratively with others, gaining insightful criticism that encourages her to make meaningful work, and inciting virtuosity in everyone she meets. ︎

CV available upon request.

Achievements & Awards

2021: SA+AH Outstanding Undergraduate Student Scholarship, $1,000
2021: Display Type BIPOC Fund, $1,060 for tuition and $60 for supplies
2021: Ligature 30 Best Junior Award
2020: James J. Rizzi Scholarship, $1,000
2018–2021: UF Dean's List
2016: De La Cruz Scholarship, $5,000 for tuition and $500 stipend

Workshops, Talks, & Presentations

2021: Flamingo Learning Branding Guide Training, UF Lastinger Center for Learning XD² team
2021: Senior College Forum, Design & Architecture Senior High
2021: Flamingo Learning Branding & Accessibility, UF Lastinger Center for Learning
2021: What Does It Mean to Decolonize Design?, UF Lastinger Center for Learning
2021: Typography in InDesign, UF Lastinger Center for Learning XD² team
2021: Adobe Illustrator Overview, UF Lastinger Center for Learning XD² team

Selected Features

2021: Type@Cooper Display Type Class Exhibit, Remote
2021: Filipino Type, Instagram
2021: Periods for Periods by Rethink Canada, Remote
2021: icographica, Instagram
2020, 2021: AIGA Unidos, Instagram
2021: Times New Woman, Instagram 
2021: Design by Women, Instagram
AIGA GNV Book Review, GNV, FL
Ligature 30, GNV, FL
2020: Designing the Vote, Instagram
2020: AIGA GNV Member Spotlight, GNV, FL
2020: UF DRC Disability Liberation Art Gallery, GNV, FL
2020: Tea Literary & Arts Magazine Vol. 22, GNV, FL
2018, 2019: Art Bash, GNV, FL
2018: WARP Student Exhibition, GNV, FL
2016: School of Visual Arts Exhibition, NYC, NY

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