Type Design, Typography, Illustration
Year Created: 2021
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Kiko is an in-progress reverse-contrast display typeface dedicated to my rooster, who brings me much joy. From packaging to signage, I picture this typeface to have a wide-range of use for different types of creatives.


Infuse work with personality and interests while learning the practical skills needed to navigate the constraints of designing a system of letters. Completed during a 10-week duration.

Influenced by the translation mode of drawing, I was intentional with how I characterized each letterform (e.g., voluptuous forms, curvilinear stems, and exaggerated serifs) to match the physical characteristics of a rooster. Furthermore, the reverse contrast aspect of each form exemplifies eccentricity and grabs attention—similar to that of my rooster.


Final Deliverables

I usually do not work with serifs, so choosing to create a serif typeface was out of my comfort zone. My goal for the duration of this class was to make a standard character set of letters, numbers, and punctuation. Later down the road, I would like to explore adding variants and diacritics to support other languages. Overall, the creation process was fun, lively, and refreshing.
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