New Worlds Reading


New Worlds Reading is a statewide program created by the Florida Legislature to advance childhood literacy and a lifelong love of reading. Each month in collaboration with Scholastic, New Worlds Reading delivers free books in English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole to Florida VPK students who are not yet making age-appropriate progress, and K-5 public and charter school students who are not yet reading on grade level.


Create a variety of literacy, professional development, and instructional resources that align with the New Worlds Reading visual identity. Present book information, reading strategies, and activities in a visually engaging and comprehensible manner for children and educators.


  • Graphic Design Team: Leila Aragon, Marissa Balbuena, Anna Clark, Grace Milewski
  • Instructional Design: Jamie Carroll, Angelica Gomez, Marianela Morán, Joyce Viafore
  • Content Writers: Eva Andrade, Rosie John-Baptiste, Maya Brown, Elizabeth McConney

Final Deliverables

Interactive Reading Guides
Interactive Reading Guides (IRGs) are printed resources designed to enhance young readers' experience with books through dynamic interaction. They feature questions and activities to facilitate comprehension, critical thinking, and engagement. IRGs support understanding, analysis, and retention. Once enrolled in the program, students receive books and families access IRGs to support literacy skill development and nurturing a love for reading.
Teacher Reading Guides
Teacher Reading Guides (TRGs) are instructional materials designed to assist educators in teaching literature or specific texts effectively. TRGs feature summaries, discussion questions, evidence-based strategies, assessments, and suggested activities. They are used by teachers to plan and facilitate classroom lessons, promote comprehension, critical thinking, and class discussions, and align instruction with Florida B.E.S.T. standards.