On-Ramp to 6th Grade Tool

On-Ramp to 6th Grade is an adaptive learning tool developed by the University of Florida Lastinger Center for Learning with significant funding by Microsoft. This innovation creates an individualized math-learning experience for students and teachers in Florida, Michigan, Mississippi, and South Carolina. My team and I had the opportunity to create a promotional video for the digital platform. This video was later presented to the Microsoft headquarters in Seattle, Washington.

For this promotional video, I collaborated with my small but dynamic team of video producers, video editors, and animators. As the lead illustrator, my pre-production duties included rendering graphic assets on Adobe Illustrator CC, designing an illustrative style for the overall video, and creating diverse characters that had an emphasis on androgyny. I worked closely with the lead animator Khoi Vu to ensure aesthetic consistency and file organization to ease the transition from Adobe Illustrator to Adobe After Effects. Additionally collaborated with Ash Long, Dayna Galganski, Malyna Reed, and Claudia Forster Torres.