Professional Development Toolkits


Professional Development Toolkits were created in conjunction with Early Learning Florida, through funding from the Preschool Development Grant. Each toolkit is a five-part, job-embedded series that can be presented to early childhood educators in School Readiness and VPK programs. The content of each toolkit is based on the most current developmentally appropriate information for each topic, and aligns with Florida’s Early Learning and Developmental Standards (2017) and Florida’s Standards and Competencies for Early Childhood Educators (2020).

My Role

As Lead designer for Office of Early Learning Florida Professional Development Toolkits, my duties pertained to transforming written content into functional materials that complied with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), creating over 250 handouts on Adobe InDesign, and understanding the product and its usage to create a positive user experience. Additionally worked closely with the Strategy Coordinator and Subject Matter Expert, Hilary Parrish Nelson; Early Learning Coordinator, Lourdes Santiago Poventud; and Production Coordinator, Dayna Galganski.

Final Deliverables

Examples of resources for both English (purple) and Spanish (green). Followed an established branding guide and utilized simple line art. Swipe to view.