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Final posters done by Abigail Altieri, Marissa Balbuena, and Maria Jose "Majo" Morales

SHIFT is a multimedia campaign focused on gender neutrality and the deconstruction of binaries within design. The title Shift signifies progression away from the euro-centric masculine canon of design. Incorporating digital typography, printed textiles, and handmade elements, we utilized experimental yet meaningful forms as a vehicle for challenging gender dichotomies that reinforce the masculine vs. feminine binary. Crafting and poster design is usually seen as a masculine practice. As women in design, we aim to challenge gender-specific characteristics by approaching our craft with a gender-neutral approach.

Our two solid deliverables include three multimedia posters and three typography textiles that were upholstered to a lamp, a chair, and a plant pot. After printing the posters, we photographed them in public and private spaces to comment on outdated traditional and conservative narratives.
Texturized collage of letterforms that were then run through the scanner.
First draft exploration of poster composition.
Second round of poster explorations by Marissa Balbuena. Upholstering done by Abigail Altieri and Majo Morales

(from left to right) Majo’s pattern on plant pot, Marissa’s pattern on lamp, and Abi’s pattern on chair.