The Future is Minimalism

Drawing, Experimental, Print, Typography ︎︎︎Click here to view digital zine


Create a zine based on the year 2154.

When thinking about the future, my mind went directly to the word “simplicity”. I expanded on that idea by reflecting on the progress from the past to present in terms of how we live and how we think.

When regarding technology, we see that all of our devices have been condensed for our own enjoyment and our own convenience, such as the computer and telephone. As a society, we are heading towards a more minimalist way of living by getting rid of any excess and unnecessary elements that serve as distractions. We make do with the essentials and focus on quality more than quantity.
The future is innovating with the bare minimum resources we have in order to live a more sustaining and balancing life. I wanted to reflect this concept of the advancement to minimalism through the usage of typography to enhance the viewer’s notion of movement, form, and emotionality. As the zine continues, the viewer will notice the chaotic, altered compositions become much more compacted and enveloped with negative space.


︎︎︎Make your own compositions!

Final Deliverables