Timeless like a Broken Watch

Motion, Print, Typography
Year Created: 2019
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“I’m timeless like a broken watch” relates the passage of time to the individual self in an ironic and negative manner.


Create an animated and print poster of a 6-word short story.

When something is described as timeless, it is usually considered to be authentic, classic, and ageless. In this case, this ironic line compares the individual as a “broken watch”, which is essentially a useless tool. The individual is seen as part of the wrong era and is unphased by the passing of trends in society, thus never going out of style.


Final Deliverables

Motion graphics poster animated on After Effects.
I wanted to embody this concept by breaking up the anatomical elements of the letter T while mimicking the stuttered dynamics of a broken watch in the animation, creating kinetic energy within the space. The letter T is a variant of a blackletter typeface derived from The New York Times magazine logo. I was inspired by Wolfgang Weingart’s compositional movement against the utilization of the grid in order to create a minimalist yet chaotic effect.