The University of Florida Lastinger Center for Learning


The University of Florida Lastinger Center for Learning is a non-profit innovation hub dedicated to renovating education and improving learning outcomes through the development of programs and innovations. Each year, the Lastinger Center serves more than 500,000 children and 50,000 educators across the nation.

My Role

As part of the Creative Decision Support System (CDSS) within the Experience Design & Development (XD²)  team, my tasks as Lead Designer, Visual Identity pertain to:
  • mentoring new-hires by hosting workshops,
  • facilitating design direction to Lastinger Associates,
  • providing constructive feedback to design work,
  • engage in the Equity-Centered Community Design (ECCD) framework to inform design-making decisions, which includes community-generated research, iterative and intentional processes, and co-creation with internal and external partners,
  • supervising brand and rebrand of all outgoing learning content and marketing deliverables, and
  • ensuring overall brand quality, visual cohesiveness, and ADA accessibility.

About XD²

The Experience Design & Development (XD²) team facilitates and optimizes equitable and accessible end-user experiences through technological and responsive collaboration with our internal associates and external partners. With expertise in designing multi-faceted visual systems, XD² focuses on delivering high-quality multimedia solutions that have been developed through creative, iterative, and intentional processes.

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