You Are Here

Augmented Reality, Motion, Typography
Year Created: 2021
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Most of my typography work is 2D-based and hand-drawn. You Are Here is one of many experimentations that explores the endless possibilities of 3D design tools and augmented reality.


Challenge myself to learn new programs, and create and animate 3D graphics that individuals can interact with from their phone.

As an immersive Instagram filter, You Are Here demonstrates how the written language of type can exist in another dimension and what its forms convey beyond its literal meaning. Inspired by the rise of interactive and virtual museums, the phrase You Are Here directly and playfully indicates where the user is within a real environment. The user is able to adjust the object to the surface of their choosing using their back-facing phone camera. The phrase was rendered on Cinema 4D using splines, volume builder, volume mesher, and custom balloon material.


Final Deliverables